Project Site Manager


We are always interested in meeting with experienced Project Site Managers for complex high-end residential new construction and remodel projects. These individuals are responsible for the overall construction of the projects. Candidates must possess the knowledge, experience and confidence to engage and professionally interact with the design professionals, consultants and client. Simultaneously, they must successfully direct the Site Supervisor, Lead Carpenter, and other construction related personnel in planning, coordinating and safely executing the work in accordance with the contract documents, schedule and budget. Project Site Managers will work closely with the prime consultant for a project and fulfill an integral role on the project. They will be selected with equal emphasis on construction skills, the ability to transfer skills to others and create a team atmosphere of working together.


The following is a list of the major responsibilities of the Project Site Manager:

  • Preparation of the project construction schedule, utilizing scheduling software.

  • Complete necessary reports and meet at least weekly with the Operations Manager to discuss construction progress.

  • Review the project plans and specifications and comment on the building design, scheduling, possible cost savings measures and potential construction problems.

  • Assist in preparation of project budget during pre-construction.

  • Assist in assembling the job site office and equipment requirements.

  • Have confidence in own ability to intelligently communicate with design team/client as well as effectively lead the trades.

  • Expedite all shop drawings and approvals

  • Schedule timely delivery of needed materials and labor requests.

  • Monitor and maintain the project construction schedule on a weekly basis.

  • Raise and discuss relevant issues at job site meetings. Prepare & issue minutes of all site meetings.

  • Inform the prime consultant/client of any errors, discrepancies or omissions contained within the prime consultant’s design drawings, and issue RFIs as required. Maintain current RFI logs.

  • Expedite all CO (change order) costs. Maintain current CO logs.

  • Monitor site safety and ensure that the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act are enforced.

  • Ensure completion of and track all independent testing and inspections as required.

  • Assist in preparation of monthly progress draws and invoicing to consultant and client including review, coding and approval of all labor timesheets.

  • Maintain and enforce DTC construction standards and quality control.

  • Control and monitor labor, material and equipment expenses.

  • Ensure all required municipal inspections are performed.

  • Prepare and expedite project punch lists.


The Project Site Manager is required to have:

  • A positive attitude and willingness to encourage co-workers.

  • Excellent communications skills.

  • Excellent organizational, presentation, and interpersonal skills.

  • Established credibility and integrity.

  • Minimum of 7-10 years experience in general construction with excellent hands-on construction skills.

  • Experience in supervising construction projects.

  • The ability to set priorities and exercise flexibility where necessary.

  • The willingness to accept other job responsibilities as needed.

  • Thorough knowledge of all facets of construction.

  • Excellent understanding of electrical, plumbing, HVAC, roofing, foundations, carpentry and masonry work.

  • Ability to read and understand blueprints, schematics, and construction documents.

  • Understanding of proper safety procedures and recognition of hazards.

  • Proficient in MSOffice, Excel, and other construction software.

  • Must have understanding of construction terminology, scheduling and planning concepts.

  • Ability to critically look at craftsmanship.

  • Ability to mediate disputes using the win-win philosophy.

  • Ability to organize time, material, and labor.

  • The ability to multitask.

  • The ability to supervise numerous crews handling a variety of tasks.