A Design-Build Collaboration

Janke Architecture & Don Tankersley & Co.
Portland,  OR
Under Construction 2019

Life at this home focuses around a south facing courtyard that provides light and outdoor connection to the kitchen, living room and master suite. Floor to ceiling window wall on each side of the courtyard frames views of a tree that animates the house with filtered light, texture and color.

Located adjacent to the historic Goldsmith Mansion in NW Portland, this residence sits perched above a ground level accessory dwelling unit and garage. The minimal low roof form allows the historic mansion to visually dominate the block while the generous eaves protect the clad cedar building from the elements. A terraced garden and stair provides a gracious connection between entry porch and sidewalk with ground level access to the daylight ADU. A stormwater planter treats all runoff from the roof and creates a terraced garden adjacent to the ADU entry.